Hello, I’m  Sara Cheesman. I moved to Westleigh, near Bideford, in 2018 . I am a British Wheel of Yoga Diploma qualified teacher.  I have been practising Yoga for over 25 years and taught in Wiltshire from 2005. I teach my own eclectic style of Hatha Yoga. I also specialize in one to one Yoga, Chair Yoga, Yoga in the Workplace and Yoga for corporate events.

I have studied with, and learnt from, many inspiring teachers over the years, and continue to do so through regular Continuing Professional Development and occasional visits to India. Most recently I studied at Krishnamanchyra Yoga Centre in Chennai (Jan,16).

My classes aim to make students feel at ease, so that they can gain maximum benefit. I use classical Yoga asanas, flowing sequences, breath exercises (Pranayama), visualization, Yoga Nidra and Meditation to increase feelings of well being and decrease stress.

Overall, my aim- apart from helping my students to become stronger, healthier,more supple and able to deal better with stress- is to teach the value of  ’the breath’, enabling clients to find peace and stillness within themselves.

“Listen to your breath

Like the wave it moves in and out

Like the tide it ebbs and flows

Listen to your breath

And you will find peace”

Sara’s Yoga classes allow time for individual attention. Modifications are used when needed. We use blocks, balls, blankets and resistance bands, to modify and vary the experience of asana. Classes are suitable for most people, but a few, some beginners and  people with certain medical conditions or specific requirements, may find that 1 to 1 sessions are better for them. (Please see under NEWS)

Classes are for 18+ years and beyond 70 years.