“Sara has a wonderful, informal and relaxed style.  Her classes feel wonderfully meditative, yet still remain fun.  I have noticed huge improvements in my energy and flexibility.  My lower back pain has improved hugely and through her use of positive affirmations and breathing exercise I feel a better sense of wellbeing”. S C-T

“Yoga classes are the oasis in my week; a time for physical, mental and spiritual renewal- I wouldn’t miss them for the world”. JT

“You explain the postures so clearly and always have time for everyone”. LL

“I like the fact that we can progress according to our individual abilities”. HF

“I feel more able to help myself in tense situations, more able to relax at will and more aware of my body, so that for example, I sit better”. LT

“It has been a difficult year for me and various postures have helped me to relax and de-stress when I was ready to explode”. CP

“I go away from yoga with a definite feeling of wellbeing, even if I have started off feeling a bit tired and lethargic”. SE

“Your classes have provided me with space, calm and serenity- they are also a great workout.  I think you are a particularly good yoga teacher.  You keep things fresh and varied and your spirituality shines through.  You are the only teacher who has inspired me to practise daily- thank you!”. KT